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Altaïr Barcelona

Travelling is one of life´s biggest pleasures. Many people have travelling as a lifestyle while some others spend all year working and saving so they can get to know various places, cultures and paradises taken from fairytales.


But choosing where to go, what to visit and these types of things related to travelling is really difficult and, for that reason, if you´re in Barcelona you can´t not go to Altaïr, which is a bookshop specialized in travelling. Actually, it´s the biggest in Europe.


Altaïr opened its doors in 1979 and it´s concept is not only selling books. From its birth, the owners of the place tried to create, in the bookshop, a different cultural meeting space, of idea exchanging and where travellers who visit it can enjoy an entertaining place where they can learn things from other people. If you want to begin to plan a trip, this is the perfect place because it has over sixty thousand references, travel guides, maps and books in different languages.


If you want to visit Altaïr, you can rent apartments in Barcelona and enjoy a beautiful bookshop where, as well as buying interesting books, you can meet people and swap interesting experiences.