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Librería Xoroi Barcelona

Psychoanalysis was created by the famous philosopher Sigmund Freud around 1896 and, today, it´s a therapeutic practice which is exercised by psychologists from around the world, through which they try to help people recognize their problems and, therefore, make them able to lose their fear.


The amount of books that were written on the subject both with theories and foundations and explanations of how this therapy should be carried out are uncountable and many people are interested in them. If you´re in Barcelona and you´re a lover of this therapy, the best thing you can do is go to the bookshop which is specialized in this theory, and this is Librería Xoroi.


Xoroi opened its doors in the Spanish city in 1980 and, with time, not only did it become the most important place regarding the sale of psychology books but it´s also a space where activities, meetings, congresses and conferences on this subject take place.


For this reason, if you´re in the city and you want to enjoy a large quantity of psychology books that range from the outlook of science to something a lot more deep, you can rent apartments in Barcelona and get to know Xoroi.