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Amsterdam: beyond the coffee shops

Not only of drugs and sex a man lives. In Amsterdam, the famous coffee shops are the delight of thousands of tourists. Look at it from this perspective; there is nothing better than going to a cafe to drink a delicious cappuccino or latte and being able to smoke hashish or marijuana, in a joint, a bong or water pipe of the best quality. This is a pleasure that not many people can enjoy in their countries of origin, which is why so many tourists come to this city looking for the best varieties of marijuana. The legality of marijuana in these cafes, makes a friendly encounter possible in this cosmopolitan city.

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Similarly, many people interested in sex tourism visit the Red Light district of the city, where beautiful women from all parts of the globe, behind colored glass windows, are available for different services, rates, tastes, fetishes, etc.. More about this district is not to say. However, Amsterdam has many more activities to offer if you are looking for varied tourism, good atmosphere and meet new friends. Generally, people in Amsterdam are so friendly and open to meet new people; do not be surprised with a spontaneous dialogue or toast in a bar or restaurant.

The list of museums and historical places in the city is wide and offers many alternatives, if you like history and culture. Apart from having a good time, at the museums in Amsterdam you will see the best art produced in this city, as well as, public and private exhibitions with local and international collections. Among the most famous museums are the Van Gogh Museum, National Museum, the Municipal Museum of the city and the Rembrandt House. Also, as in any cosmopolitan city, you can enjoy the best of international cuisine, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Latin-American, name a place and surely you will find a nice restaurant to visit in Amsterdam.

Another place that you should visit is the popular Vondelpark, a beautiful park where a long walk will relax you and recharge you to continue exploring the city center. In addition, you can go cycling and rollerblading, and forget for a while the burden that tourists sometimes cause when they invade Amsterdam. The Herengracht canal, a national heritage site, is another place to visit because of its beauty and historical importance. Thus, history and architecture, modernity and antique, mixed in one of the most vibrant cities of Europe. To learn more about this important city and find out events, concerts, historic places and other important information, please visit the following website: http://www.iamsterdam.com/