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10 Things to Do in Amsterdam with Less than 10 Euros

Amsterdam is a fascinating city rich in history. You may think that you cannot afford to visit this city because of your limited budget. However, did you know that there are many things to do for less than 10 Euros? There are plenty of inexpensive places for you to enjoy, which will make your trip worthwhile. Check out some tips that can make your holiday in Amsterdam an unforgettable experience.

amsterdam less than <b>10</b> euros


(1.) The many canals in Amsterdam offer second to none scenic views of the city along with the surrounding buildings. These are great places to take a leisurely stroll.

(2.) Visit some of the best museums in the city. There is the Museum Amstelkring, Joods Historisch Museum and Amsterdam´s Historisch Museum. All these have entrance fees for less than 10€.

(3.) The Bloemenmarkt is an unusual flower market in that it floats. It is the largest of its kind in the world. There are houseboats full of seeds, bulbs and fresh blooming flowers. You can buy, or just look and enjoy all the fragrances and beautiful colors.

(4.) The Amsterdam’s orchestra offers free concerts twice a week at either Muzietheater or Concertgebouw.

(5.) A trip to the Anne Frank Huis will give you a history lesson. In 1942, Anne and her family went into hiding with some other Jewish people at Prinsengracht 263. They lived in a small room in the back of this home next to the canals that was built in the 17th century. About 2 years later, the Nazis found them all. Anne´s father was the only one that survived. Anne´s diary, the most famous in the world, is available for viewing among other invaluable things of the time.

(6.) The Red Light District is a famous part of Amsterdam because of the provocative scenes you can witness on its streets. There are adult shops where you can purchase toys and nice souvenirs of your Dutch adventure. At night, you will see a great number of tourists satisfying their curiosity about what they have heard of this area.

(7.) In the northern part of the city, you can catch a free ferry ride. It goes across the IJ River, which is also Amsterdam´s waterfront and harbor.

(8.) Dam Square is one of the most popular places that tourists and residents enjoy visiting Amsterdam. There are shops, cafés, and restaurants, and of course, the magnificent Koninklijk Palace. This palace is only used for special events, since the royal family lives elsewhere. Near the palace, you will also find the beautiful Nieuwe Kerk or New Church, which is totally worth visiting.

(9.) During the winter months, you can go ice-skating on the canals. You could also check out on the many indoor or outdoor ice rinks that are becoming very popular in the city.

(10.) Enjoy a nice walk at the eastern docklands and discover modern buildings, some resembling waves and whales. In addition, some unique bridges cross over the canals. Warehouses have been transformed into artists´ studios, restaurants and more.