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Tulip Museum

One of the characteristics and traditions for while the city of Amsterdam is known worldwide for is for it´s beautiful tulips that are unique and, like it could be no other way, this part of Dutch culture has its own museum, where you´ll be able to see in detail everything related to them.


It´s in the Tulip Museum where they tell all the history of this flower through, not only works of art but also multimedia exhibitions where you´ll see videos, listen to audios and enjoy truly interesting exhibitions.


One of the points that the museum emphasises on the most is the way of cultivating the flower and the exquisite variety of tulips that exist in the Netherlands and, also, inside there´s an important shop where the visitors will be able to acquire this flower to plant them in their homes, as well as the classic souvenirs.


If you want to get to know one of the pillars of Dutch tradition you undoubtedly have to visit the Tulip Museum in the city.


For that you´ll have to rent apartments in Amsterdam and learn everything about these beautiful flowers.