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Apartments for Moms

Mothers of the world: we know the dedication you put into taking care of us; we know how much you worry about our wellbeing; we know we often make you suffer, and that we sometimes exasperate you. And that is why today, on your day, we want you to let yourselves be taken care of.

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for us moms to give ourselves a little something, take a break from our busy daily routine, and celebrate the wonderful creatures we are. And, on the other hand, maternity is one of the maximum expressions of femininity, right?

So what better way to celebrate your awesome family role than with a trip? You have two options: take the family along, or just take off with your best friends. The main point here is that you relax. This is your big day: you are the princess here, and should live as such. Get yourself a new dress for the occasion, and plan your escapade. You have worked hard, and it is now high time to make a little dream come true.

And to help you choose your destination, we invite you to follow us on a tour of our apartments. We have hand-picked those we deemed worthy of delicate creatures like yourselves…


Chic et bourgeois. In this elegantly furnished apartment, you’ll feel as if in a different epoch, in a romantic movie, in a dream.



Delicate details, pink like your soul. Vast open spaces like first love’s sighs in this apartment.




An explosion of color and energy. Pastel hues to transport you to the doll house you always dreamed of.



A distinctive design, a place where nothing’s been left up to chance. If you like the combination of recycling and decorating, you will love this apartment.


Princess or Queen? Choose your royal title and vacation in luxury in this apartment.



Less is more. The simplicity of this Berlin apartment was designed with you and your child in mind, so you enjoy your play time together.



Industrial chic: a new approach to elegance. All the comforts you need when traveling with your little ones found here.


Have you packed up yet?