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The Mother’s Day in Amsterdam

The new traveling families are not the same that used to be just a decade ago. Today, they are more cosmopolitan, inquisitive and curious. Any occasion is good to leave the house with the excuse of holding any event. Isn’t the Mother´s Day stated on the family calendar as a special day? Well of course. Wouldn’t it be a good idea then to take a weekend off to explore Amsterdam, the city of canals and bicycles? And if the family lives or is there by chance, you can also have fun with any of the events organized and are scattered around this educated and libertarian city.

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But when is the Mother´s Day celebrated?

Well, depends on the country where you are, if you travel during the spring, you can even celebrate it twice. Your mom certainly deserve it, she has anyways made a great effort for you and will do more, even though sometimes you don’t understand why she is constantly moody. Your mother is the one who lays the foundation of what you really are and, like it or not, you will always be conditioned by her presence. That´s why moms have a special day in every country in the world.

Dates are mixed and in some nations it matches in December, with the religious celebration of the Immaculate, as is the case of Panama, but usually it falls in the spring days of May: in Spain, like Portugal or Hungary, the first of the month, but more often it is the second Sunday in May, which in 2012 is the 13th of May. In Peru, Holland, Germany, China or Switzerland celebrate the Mothers’ day on the 13th too.

A French restaurant for Mom

If families live or are visiting Amsterdam, this Mother´s Day can be celebrated with an exquisite and elegant lunch in one of the great restaurants around the city. If you have trouble choosing, a wonderful restaurant you should consider is the Brasserie Wolf, which belongs to the Esmirada, a company that has proposed to open local traditional food from all corners of Europe. Bodegas y Tapas is a Spanish version Giardino Pizzeria and Italian. Click on the following link for further information: http://esmirada.com/restaurants/brasserie-wolf/

Well, the Brasserie Wolf is a French-style bistroc, which emphasizes the subtlety, elegance and complex development of the cuisine of this country. For Mother´s Day have prepared a special menu (about 60 € per guest) including a first plate (the chef Claudio Sandri recommended the traditional French garlic soup), a second to choose between meat or fish (e.g. between beef Wellington or grilled Scottish salmon accompanied by creamy leek sauce, orange and fennel salad) and, of course, delicious sweet desserts to choose from a wide array of delicious cakes. Scrumptious!


The program offers the Brasserie Wolf to celebrate Mother´s Day on the second Sunday of May in Holland. Invite the whole family to go out from their comfortable apartments in Amsterdam for a few hours.