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App of the Month: FriendCash

Traveling in a group can be complicated, not only because of the difficulty getting everyone moving but also when it’s time to pay the bills. Someone always has to take on the chore of collecting the money, paying for the meals, tours and museum tickets. But now thanks to FriendCash, everything is simple and, above all, less cumbersome. Figuring these things out usually takes a bit of time, but this application makes traveling in groups different. Everyone will know in real time how much money is owed, whom it owed to, and (most importantly) who owes you.

by iphone.appstorm.net

Once you start using this app, you’ll soon see how simple it is. You can track several different things at the same time. And even though we’re focusing on travel, FriendCash can do much more. It is widely used among members of the same family, coworkers, and even in stores. To use it, you first need to enter the number of participants in the “pot” and their names. These can be added directly from your address book. The rest is very intuitive. When it’s time to pay and you’re without cash, pay by card and the app will add things up. It also includes a section to specify how the money was spent and by whom. Then each group member automatically is proportioned “an amount owed” for their share of the food. And in debt section, the person who paid with a credit card will see the sum of the others’ minus his or her own. All this is done by the app. You won’t have to think or get out a calculator or anything. FriendCash (available for Apple and Android) does all of the thinking for you. At the end of the trip, the app will give each person a summary of their debts. The next step is to pay, of course. Then you will have to record it. Afterwards, you´ll get a message like this: “Esther has paid Miguel.”

Of course, there are more such financial applications (such as PayPal, Currency, ATM Hunter, iXpenselt Lite, Bloomberg, Debt-Dog, CuantoCobrar, Sr. Pago or Loan Plan), although none are as useful for traveling as FriendCash.

If you are an Apple user, this app also supports iCloud. So you can synchronize it with your iPad and make a backup to your “cloud.” To avoid errors and misunderstandings, each person can check in real time how the group´s “domestic economy” is doing. This can help avoid the bad feelings which sometimes surface while traveling because of money issues about who owes whom.

So if you have good faith in your friends, don’t hesitate to have the whole group download this application. It costs 2.69 euros, but it’s worth it, since you’re certain to recuperate the cost of FriendCash when you can pay your bills so easily.