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App of the Month: Sighter

I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I like finding places that pleasantly surprised me; those places that you can’t find in any travel guide. Sometimes I get to know about this places because of recommendations of a friend who has been there or maybe a local in that city who told me about it, in any case, it is always pleasant to wind up in a place that isn’t surrounded by tourists making pictures like crazy. Being a big fan of street art around the world, I’m always eager to discover the most incredible works of art on walls and ceilings, which is something that a lot of people like checking when looking for a new destination to visit. From Banksy to totally unknown names, we’ll find art on the streets, because lots of it isn’t located in museums.

What is it?

If you like street art, you´ll love this app of the month. Sighter is an app that consists of photographs taken by its users, which allow you to discover the best-kept secrets of every city you visit. It also lets you upload your own photos so that others can discover the spots that you liked the most. In addition, each photo comes with a detailed location, so the GPS feature identifies where you are to show you the uploaded pictures of a sight next to you. When you are very close, it becomes a ´hot and cold´ game. If you like photography and underground culture, you´ll just love it.


Photos Sighter

My opinion: Sighter is the perfect app for people who want to discover hidden art in cities. If you look at the photos on the app you will see works of art and valuable historical items that you’ll surely be skipping otherwise. Although Sighter is not available for all cities, don’t worry; if you see that the nearest sight is hundreds of kilometers away, you can start adding sights in your city, since the app allows you to upload your own photos, isn’t it great?

This app is available for iOS and Android. Also, you can download it completely free, you only need your GPS option activated to use it, and you don’t even need to use the roaming service while abroad. If you like photography and discovering new destinations, Sighter is great fun and perfect for finding unique locations. It also allows you to share the places you’ve visited with other people. There is nothing like being a good travel companion, isn’t it?



About the Author: Aleix is our blogger and translator. Half English and half Catalan, he enjoys learning languages and putting them into practice during his trips. His dream is to spend a year resting and writing in a monastery in Laos, if there is Wi-Fi, of course.