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How to apply discounts, offers and peak seasons

On our extranet it is possible to add many offers. For periods of low occupancy or to fill gaps in a short period of time, you can use discounts and, above all, Last-minute deals.

But it is important to note that prices do not necessarily have to be lowered at all times: an owner has to know what the peak seasons are and if there are special events in their destination. You can also create many seasons: This will help you when you need to adjust prices for specific dates. How to update prices.

How do I create discounts?

In order to create a discount you must enter the calendar on the Extranet, select the dates which you wish to apply the discounts to and then click “Apply discount”. Then you will have 2 options:

  • If you already have a discount created: it will appear on your list of discounts and all you have to do is to select it.
  • If this is a new discount: click the button & add the required information (name, type and value). Do not forget to put a name.

ATTENTION: the value of the discount will be applied to the daily rate.

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Choose one of the 6 discount rates available and apply the desired value you would like. Click on “Save” and this discount will appear on your created list of discounts. Other types of discounts (Last Minute, buy in advance, discount for the week, discount for the month, prolonged stay) it will automatically be applied, as appropriate when the client makes the reservation. 

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Here there is an example of how the discounts stand out in Only-apartments’ site:

aplicar descuentos_en

If you have questions about creating and applying seasons, there are videos that explain the process on the extranet. In a growing market there is also increasing competition. If there are many apartments advertised in a destination, the value of bookings changes: there will be increasingly more owners interested in increasing their number of bookings, and this often leads to price declines and / or specific offers, especially in periods of low occupancy.

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