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Arriba Taqueria Budapest

Arriba Taqueria is a Mexican fast food company in Budapest whose specialities are tacos, quesadillas and burritos, made with fresh products and the best Latin flavour. The food is healthy, fresh, without additives or preservatives. The grilled meats are marinated Mexican-style to preserve the flavour.

The sauces and guacamoles are made in the most pure Mexican style, including the coriander, that gives a special taste when accompanying the meats, chicken, mince or the hot chorizo. There are delicious special-sized burritos for a substantial breakfast and delicious sweet preparations such as cinnamon crisps or Chimichanga apple.

Arriba Taqueria has also looked after being part of a sustainable world producing in a clean way and, for that, the glasses are made with starch and they are 100% biodegradable. Also, the takeaway bags are made with recyclable paper.

Regarding the prices, the truth is that it´s a place where you can eat healthy and plenty of food with a terrific flavour for very little money. A taco, some chips and a drink to choose cost 5.39€. And, if you want to add some guacamole, you just add 0.88€ and a beer for 2.11€.

It´s open from 11am to midnight and it´s located on Teréz körút 25a, close to Octogon.

There´s no specific time of year to have a few days holiday, you just have to want them and, to make them come true, rent apartments in Budapest where you´ll be able to eat the delicious Mexican specialities at Arriba Taqueria.