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XO Bistro

XO Bistro is a place with history and tradition in Hungarian gastronomy. Located on Rácóczi 5, it maintains its hospitality and excellence, which made it, for many centuries, a place of prestige and elegance.

XO Bistro tries to reach the palate of the visitors with typical Hungarian flavours with a touch of refinement and avant-garde. Finely decorated and inciting a gastronomical encounter with a work of art in flavour and colour, its chef Péter Regős has included classic dishes like smoked catfish and others that he fusions with flavours from other parts of the world, to delight the diners.

Regős is an expert in preparing food with sea flavour, since he worked in one of Ireland´s most famous restaurants. This knowledge has allowed him to transform the cuisine of XO Bistro, making it more refined.

The menu has culinary wonders that open the appetite and prepare the taste buds for the experience of trying fennel soup or shrimp soup with fresh and perfumed vegetables.

So, if your next plan is to spend a few days renting apartments in Budapest don´t forget to include XO Bistro in your agenda.