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Designer shops in Barcelona

Has it ever happened to you that you´re looking for a very special gift and you don´t know where to find it? Well, we believe that you´re not alone with that problems, so we´ve gone and found shops in Barcelona where you can buy that unique gift for someone special if you´re on holiday.

Nancy Guzman Only-apartments Author


If you go to the district of Gràcia, which you surely will, go on Travessera de Gràcia up to number 176, and there you´ll find the shop Colorín Colorado. We recommend that you go with time, because you´ll stay there quite a while looking at the never-ending amount of items worthy of a special gift, especially for those who like design. There you can find many domestic use items, but made with style and good taste, such as bottle carriers for the wine, coffee sets and acrylic tables among others. There are also personal use objects such as handbags, notebooks, pencils and many other things. It´s a beautiful little shop and most of the objects have a 60s touch to them.

If you didn´t find what you were looking for, don´t worry and go to the area of Sant Miquel, right by the Picasso Museum, where you can find Wawas. It´s a charming little place for those who live kitsch. There are hundreds of decoration objects that are very ludic, so we ensure you that they´ll give that gift that unique touch and you can tell the person you give it too that you can´t find that anywhere else. There are everyday-use objects humorously decorated and with a unique aesthetic. Just by visiting this place you´ll be in a good mood and you´ll immediately tell the difference between this place and other gift stores. It´s located on Carrer Calders 14.

If you still haven´t found the present you were looking for, make the most of being in the Born district and go to Rec Di8. Here you can find unique objects with the sustainable production and fair trade stamp, so not only are you making a gift but you´re also making the planet a better place. There´s a spectacular showroom where you can see everything that you like and choose what you want. This shop is over 10 years old and it´s still surprising its frequent visitors with designer objects. It´s open Mon-Sat from 11.30am until 2.30pm and from 5pm until 8.30pm, except on Fridays and Saturdays when opening hours extend 30 minutes. It´s located on Carrer de l´Espaseria 20.

Botiga Dos i Una in the Eixample district is an entertaining place where even the entrance will surprise you, and you´ll see that time flies while you look at the incredible designer objects. It´s an ideal place to find a collector´s item gift. There are gift items for all tastes: naif dolls that make up a family, old-style games, keyrings, acrylic designer lamps and the typical mugs with inscriptions. It´s open from Mon-Sat until 8.30pm on Carrer Rosselló 275.