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Berlin from A to Z – Part II

N – Neukölln. One of the emerging areas of the city, this is where you can find a mix of student life and art as well as the decline this neighborhood suffered after the fall of the Wall. Neukölln is definitely the coolest place in Berlin right now.

O – Olympiastadion. The Olympic Stadium, which is located on the outskirts of the city, maintains its imposing structure and is characteristic of Nazi architecture. Built for the 1936 Olympics, this is the place where Jesse Owens won four gold medals in front of Adolf Hitler. Today the field is primarily used for soccer matches and is home to Hertha Berlin.


P – Potsdamer Platz. Destroyed in World War II , today Potsdamer Platz is once again one of the city’s hubs, as it was in the 20s and 30s. Featuring high and ultra-modern glass buildings, it is one of major intersections in Berlin and contains one of the oldest traffic lights. There are also remains of the Wall there. It’s well worth a visit.

Q – Qdamm. Kurfürstendamm is a shopping street that’s shortened to KuDamm or, even shorter, Qdamm. This avenue lined with trees is full of shops, restaurants and hotels, so it’s perfect for a day of shopping and eating, with its dozens of restaurants of different cuisines.

R – Reichstag. The seat of the German Parliament, the Reichstag is the building that symbolizes German executive power. It was built in the late 19th century in a neo-Renaissance style and was burned in the 30s by the Nazis and destroyed during World War II. Now rebuilt, it features a glass dome you can walk around and learn about the political history of Germany while enjoying a unique view of the city.

S – Spree. The Spree is a river flowing through the German capital. During the warmer months, there are even artificial beaches on its shores where you can sunbathe and swim. At night, the illuminated views around it are marvelous.

T – Tempelhof. This airport that is located in the center of the city was closed to passengers in 2008. Now it is an excellent park to walk, play sports, run, bike, or just soak up the sun. They also host big concerts there.

U – U-Bahn. In Berlin, the subway is called the U-Bahn and it and the S-Bahn (train that goes above ground) are the fastest ways to get around the city. It’s worthwhile to buy a ticket for one or more days so you can get from here to there quickly. It’s much better than taking the bus.

V – Viertel. This is the German word for neighborhood or district, and there are several scattered throughout the city. The Nikolaiviertel is the most famous. Although situated in an area of Berlin that existed over 800 years ago, it was destroyed during WWII and rebuilt just 30 years ago and so it is fairly new. But it’s still a good place to walk.

W – Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial. The Kaiser Wilhelm Church was built in the late 19th century and destroyed during the bombings of World War II. It was later rebuilt and is one of the most impressive buildings in the city .

X – Xberg. As stated earlier, the Berliners like shortening words and Kreuzberg is also known as Xberg, since X is a type of cross (kreuz in German). If you’ve seen Xberg somewhere but didn’t know what it was, now you know.

Y – GaY. Berlin is one of the most tolerant cities in the world with the LGBT community. Since the period between the wars, Berlin has been a city tha attracted people of this community. Today, there are many venues with a large gay influx, especially clubs like Berghain, Berlin ´s most famous club. The Love Parade street party with floats and techno music at full volume, a celebration of this community, used to take place here but for security reasons it no longer. If you want to visit a LGBT friendly and tolerant city, Berlin is for you.

Z – Zoologischer Garten. The Berlin Zoo is one of the most complete zoos worldwide, featuring all kinds of animals. If you come to Berlin with your family, you won’t want to miss it.

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Our A to Z guide can help you discover the city on your terms, once you´ve booked your beautiful apartment in Berlin.