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Remains of the Berlin Wall

The city of Berlin is famous for the wall that divided it in two parts during the Cold War. West Berlin and East Berlin were separated by a concrete wall that can be visited today as a tourist attractive of the city.


In 1989 it was demolished by the very own Berliners that, with home tools, managed to knock it down. From that day, a new era began in unified Germany but the wall stayed forever in the history of the world, and that´s why some parts of it are kept to be exhibited in museums, galleries and other artistic and cultural galleries.


Today you can observe different pieces of the Berlin Wall distributed along the city. Bike tours that run along totally or partially where the wall was take place.


In general, all the parts of the wall are located strategically next to other monuments or famous buildings of the city so that it´s an obliged visit for tourists. For example, we can find parts of the wall at Checkpoint Charlie or in front of the Reichstag among others.


But the most part of the Berlin Wall is found on Mühlenstrasse, in the centre of the city. It´s 1316 metres long and it represents a tourist attraction in itself. The wall is decorated with paintings by different artists, which makes it even more interesting.


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