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Berlin in the Springtime: 9 Things to Do

Berlin is a truly fascinating city, and more so in the springtime, when it becomes the living reflection of happiness.

When the cold season is left behind, experiencing the vast open spaces of this metropolis, going on bike rides, and chilling out under the first timid rays of sun at any of its many urban parks, feels a bit like being reborn.

The days get longer, and there’s time to do lots of things.

If you are considering a Berlin getaway this spring, here are some tips to make the most of the most pleasant season of the year.


Having Picnics in its Parks

Few things are as relaxing as the perfume of the passing spring.

Look at trees in bloom, let the scents of plants intoxicate you, and why not, lay down on the grass to soak in the sun.

Berlin is not short on parks, and having a picnic is the perfect way to experience the city in the open air, besides being a low cost option.

Don’t miss out on the huge Tiergarten park, a truly paradisiacal garden.



Dancing in Open Air Nightclubs

Berlin is a vibrant city at any time of the year, and many European cities wish their nightlife would compare to Berlin’s.

In the spring, many open air nightclubs open their doors for us to dance from dusk to dawn.

Here you’ll find some tips to learn the best places to make the most of Berlin’s nightlife.


Drinking Beer in its Biergarten

Biergarten is German for beer gardens, outdoor areas where beer is served. With the arrival of the spring, Berliners love siting in these gardens to enjoy one, or a few, with friends.

There are lots of beer gardens in Berlin, and they all serve a wide range of beers. All you have to do is choose your favorite area and toast to the coming of spring, like true locals.

And if you get a bit hungry in the meantime, don’t miss out on our guide to the best places to eat and drink in Berlin.

Biergarten Berlino


River Cruise on the Spree

Sailing through the Spree River aboard a cruise ship is a romantic and exciting experience.

You’ll get a look at the city from a different perspective as the waters gently rock you.

And why not, you can also go on a night cruise to admire Berlin’s beauty in the dusk light.

crociera sullo sprea


The Mauerpark Flea Market

Many Berliners go to the Mauerpark flea market on Sundays.

Why? Because this is the place where a rather peculiar flea market is held every Sunday from 8AM to 6PM, where you are bound to find almost anything, from antiques to designer items, and clothing.

And if you don’t want to buy anything, you’ll still get to enjoy a pleasant stroll through Mauerpark.


Riding a Bike

The citizens of Berlin ride bikes all year round, due in part to the city’s numerous bike rails.

In the spring, riding a bike is obviously more pleasant, as the temperatures are milder.

Pedal on and discover the city from your rental bike, enjoying Berlin’s most authentic spots at your own pace.


Outdoor Cinemas

Does visiting Berlin in the spring and going indoors to a movie theater sound like heresy?

Then check out Berlin’s Freiluftkino, or in other words, Berlin’s outdoor movie theaters that open their doors as the good weather arrives.

The oldest open air cinema is located in Kreuzberg, Berlin’s hipster neighborhood.

You’ll be able to watch the latest blockbusters with subtitles, and in lieu of a ceiling, you’ll have the Berlin night sky.

Furthermore, the Berlin Film Festival accounts for the city’s deep-rooted cinematic tradition.

cinema all'aperto



It’s true, Berlin has no sea, but it’s not short on great sunbathing spots.

If you like river water, you can lay down on the banks of the Spree.

In the area of the Oberbaum Bridge, for instance, you’ll find a large open space where the youths gather to have a beer in the grass under the sun.

Take out your towel and… get your tanning on!


Visiting the Berlin Zoo

A famed place, known even by many who’ve never been to Berlin. It’s one of Europe’s largest and most popular zoos.

Spring is the perfect time to wander leisurely through the Berlin zoo, stopping to watch the many species of animals protected and conserved in it.

The truth is that Berlin offers its residents countless activities in the springtime, making it even more appealing to visitors.

If you’ve never visited this city, you might also enjoy our Berlin from A to Z guide.

All ready to take off? Book your apartment in Berlin and discover all the beauty this amazing city has to offer.


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