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Picnics in Berlin

The only things you’ll need are a checkered blanket, a basket full of sandwiches, and a thermos to have your own picnic. In this post, we recommend favorite spots of the “weekenders” in Berlin. Tempelhof, Viktoria, and Tiergarten are some of the green gems that this city has to offer.




photo source: midwestliving.com


Tempelhof Park is one of the most interesting green spaces in Berlin due to its long history. It used to be an airfield, and was a symbol of the city in World War II, but has now been converted into a park. Back in the day, it was a strategic point for allied aircraft to deliver supplies. It closed its doors, however, in 2008. These days, youth and families from all corners of Berlin flock here every weekend to get in touch with nature in the middle of the metropolis. If it is very sunny, which is unusual, it is advisable to bring an umbrella, since the main concourse was an old airport runway and provides little shade.

Viktoria Park is one of the fashionable parks in Berlin. It serves as a meeting place for many, where people sunbathe and play sports, including tai chi and soccer. There are also tables where you can have a picnic with your family, partner or friends. Everyone likes to lie in the sun here, since the sun’s rays are sometimes absent and therefore, sought-after by Berliners. It is very common for people to arrive by bike. Usually these are leaning onto trees or lying in the grass. From here, you can also visit Kreuzberg, a hill on which to spend a pleasant day.

Tiergarten is Berlin’s largest green space, a park that reminds one of other famous parks, such as London’s Hyde Park or New York’s Central Park. It´s the green lung of the city. It’s perfect for picnics and Berliners love its many trails, lakes and spots where you can spread out your picnic blanket and spend a day with family or friends. It’s ideal for walking or simply laying directly on the grass instead.

Volkspark am Weinberg is located on the “wine mountain,” something which is still pending. Take note of the time when going there for a picnic. This park is super full of people at the height of the summer and it has a special atmosphere and good vibes. Berliners go to this large grassy area to play soccer, or use the ping pong tables or to people watch.

Insel der Jugend or the Isle of Youth is a busy mini-park located near Treptower Park, accessible only by the Abteibrücke Bridge. It is very common to see Berliners biking and skating here, so watch out for these crossing the bridge at full speed. Others enjoy sitting on the bridge sitting and dangling their feet in the water. Once you’ve arrived on the island, simply spread your blanket and enjoy a lovely meal in the great outdoors.