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The Best Carnival Costumes for Travellers

You cannot attend carnival without a disguise. Well, you could but it is not the same experience. Carnival costumes are the thing that sets this party apart from all others, which is also why wearing something special is almost an obligation.

If you’re traveling to a place where they celebrate carnival, don’t worry about costumes. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a costume (it’s enough having to finance the trip!), because we’re going to give you some ideas to help you enjoy the celebration and on how to dress for the occasion.


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Low-cost option

One of the best options for people who want to dress up without spending much money is to look through what you have at home. You can certainly find some worthwhile things in your closet that haven’t seen daylight in a few years. If you’re traveling abroad a good choice is to wear a costume that is typical for your country or region. Even if you don’t have anything like this in your wardrobe, surely you know someone who does or a place where you can buy it cheaply. This would enable you to dress up and it’s a great way to start up a conversation about where you are from with other carnival-goers.


Improvisational option

Don’t worry if you’ve reached your destination without a plan. I´m sure you can improvise with something from your bag. In fact, unless you’re going to one of the prestigious events of the Carnival of Venice, you can simply put on some clothing items of various colors and buy some face paint and a wig at any party store or supermarket (the supermarkets in Germany sell everything, so remember that if you’re going to the carnival in Cologne), and let your imagination run wild to take part in a colorful carnival. It may not be the most sophisticated costume, but the point is to have fun and be casual.


Deep-pocketed option

If money doesn’t matter and you want to mix with the crowd, the right costume can depend on which carnival you are attending. In Venice, you’ll want to buy a carnival mask, which are famous around the world. For something really special, go to Ca ´Macana in Dorsoduro, where the masks are created by artisans and among the most impressive in the city. They are a bit expensive but the memories you created with such a mask will be with your for the rest of your life.


Find accommodation in Barcelona and enjoy the carnival in Sitges. But you don´t have to worry about your costume; follow our advice and you´ll have a great time. It´s all in good fun.