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Bierkoning Amsterdam

In Amsterdam there´s a beer culture which is almost as big as the one in Ireland, and one of the most visited bars is. undoubtedly, Bierkoning, for the wide range of beer that there is. In fact, the name of the place says it for itself, ´King of Beers´.


Bierkoning opened its doors over 25 years ago and, through all that time, it has had hundreds of different types and flavours that pleased its clients year after year. The owners of the place are proud to have the biggest collection of beers in the world on sale, so beer lovers who know how to sample beer properly will know of the importance of it.


Of course this is not the only thing you´ll be able to have here because you can also choose from other drinks and fast food. It´s a special place to enjoy with friends, have a laugh and a good time and, at the same time, drink the largest variety of beers.


If you´re in Holland you can´t miss going to Bierkoning. At this place you´ll be able to meet people with the same taste as you and relax. The only thing you need to do is rent apartments in Amsterdam and, also, you´ll get to know a beautiful city with many attractions.