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Café Belgique Amsterdam

In Belgium they call bars ´cafés´. For that reason, if we decide to visit Café Belgique in Amsterdam, what we´ll find are some of the best beers of the country and, undoubtedly, that´s not to be overlooked because beer, in this place, is exquisite.


Café Belgique is a small place but cosy at the same time and it has a large variety of beers that those who love it will be able to sample in good company and with a truly brilliant background music selection.


But if the beer wasn´t a good enough excuse to visit the place, on weekends they present live bands that are worth listening to. They´re not famous nor do they have millions of fans around the world, but they´re national and international bands which show a lot of promise.


And as the night goes on, a nice party gets underway with a DJ who plays the best music in his booth. Café Belgique is busy with tourists as well as locals who want to meet new people and who have the same wish: to have fun.


You can rent apartments in Amsterdam and enjoy this interesting bar.