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Budapest Bike

Budapest is a city with a unique construction. The city has managed to maintain its old buildings through time and this, without doubt, is one of the characteristics that gives the most value to the city. Walking through its never-ending streets is a unique experience and doing it by bicycle gives it a really interesting touch.


If you want to rent one of these vehicles, Budapest Bike is the place you have to bear in mind. It opened its doors in 2005 and it was thought of by six young Hungarians that have travelled to many places on two wheels and they decided to opt to live off what they love the most.


The aim of the owners is making tourists and locals see the beautiful city by bicycle and, for this reason, they also organise tours to hidden places that tourists would never get to see. This is interesting because the owners were born and lived in the city, so they got to know these hidden places that tourists never even heard of.


If you want to get to know a beautiful city full of beautiful buildings on two wheels, you just have to rent apartments in Budapest and prepare to see it.