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BFI Film Festival in London

Do you consider yourself a film and TV lover? Are you interested in discovering new trends in these fields? Can you stay a whole day watching films? Well, there´s an event in London which is for you: the BFI Film Festival. ´BFI´ is ´British Film Institute´, a company which has a wide film archive, as well as a chain of screens, a festival set and periodic publications related to the seventh art in the broadest sense of the word. In particular, BFI Film Festival doesn´t just offer a wide programme of films but it also gives a formative space for teachers and students, which is made up of conferences, seminars, talks, discussion tables and lectures with professionals of this field from around the world. Here you´ll find a wide range of activities for adults and children, and a pleasant and fun atmosphere. The ticket costs 40 British Pounds and it allows you to have a ´Membership´, with which you´ll be able to avoid the long queues and go in directly into the screens. The price isn´t cheap but it´s worth it to leave your apartments in London to enjoy an afternoon or a full day watching good films. Don´t miss it!