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Bohemia Restaurant & Beerhall Budapest

Bohemia Restaurant & Beerhall is a concept of space and leisure with international style right in the middle of the pedestrian Liszt Ferenc street, a street where you can buy, walk or simply window shop, and then sit down at a table and delight yourself with wonderful Hungarian cuisine dishes.

Nothing is left at random in this restaurant, and that´s something that the clients value, especially the young cosmopolitan ones who look for a special place where they can enjoy lunch or dinner or simply some drinks with tapas and a chat about life.

There´s food for all tastes, from a refined trout from the Valley of Szalajka, prepared with fine herbs and accompanied by potatoes with butter, to the simple but pleasant ones, such as tapas of cheese and fresh tomatoes among other varieties. There are also soups, fish, salads, pasta and special dishes created by the chef of Bohemia Restaurant & Beerhall.

If you´re just going for a few beers and something to eat to the side, you have an international variety which will impress you.

They also have well-dosified international preparations, as well as having the best wine selection.

If you´re going to spend a few days in apartments in Budapest don´t forget to invite your partner to enjoy a dinner in wonderful Bohemia Restaurant & Beerhall.