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BonChon Chicken New York

BonChon Chicken is a restaurant that opened in South Korea in 2002, but thanks to the quick success it had in a short period of time, the place expanded all over the world. One of the many places where it opened a restaurant is, of course, New York.


The place is famous and gained plenty of popularity due to its healthy and non-greasy food, unlike many of the fast food places that are around the world. This is one of the main reasons why people choose BonChon Chicken.


Despite the fact that the name reveals that BonChon Chicken is a place that specializes in chicken above all things, it also has interesting menus for those who aren´t the biggest fans of chicken. All the dishes are made without any type of transgenic fat and they´re 100% healthy. That and its exquisite sauces are the key of its tasty dishes.


For these reasons, if you want to visit BonChon chicken and, also, get to know an enchanting city, you just have to rent apartments in New york and enjoy a large variety of museums, monuments and tourist attractions in a beautiful surrounding.