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Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market is one of the most famous in the city of London and you have to visit it if you want to get to know the true English capital. Located on Commercial Street, we realise that going there will be a shopping party.


It´s open every day from 11am until 3pm and, on Sundays, from 9.30am until 5.30pm so that the visitors can enjoy the place and shopping more and they can stay there having a warm drink or sampling delicious foods.


This market has a lot of history, that´s why the tourists visit it not only as a market in itself but also as a part of England and London´s history in particular. It opened for the first time in 1682 and its said that it has the best ecological fruit and vegetables in the city.Also, the food that they cook there is excellent and everyone wants to try at least a little bit.


But they don´t just sell things to eat, but also clothes of many different styles, souvenirs, DIY items and original crafts to buy and take home as a souvenir.


25 thousand people visit it every week, tourists and Londoners, and it´s an attraction of the city that you can´t miss. Rent apartments in London and you´ll be close to everything you want to see.