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Cabinet @ Quartier 206

If you´re a shopping centre lover and you´re in Berlin, one of the best places you can visit is, undoubtedly, Quartier 206, which was converted in one of the places that houses the best exclusive clothes shops in the city.


Inside, the visitors can enjoy hundreds of the most prestigious shops, among which we can find recognized names and leaders of the fashion world such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton. But you can also eat fast food or elaborated meals in its dozens of restaurants.


The complex was created with the original idea that is maintained today which is, above all, presenting the trendiest brands that exist as well as important cosmetic shops and jewelers.


It´s located in the famous Friedrichstrasse, close to great attractions of the city like Check Point Charlie, and you can get there without a problem and in a very simple way through public transport but, if you want to go in the car, it won´t be a problem because it has a large car park.


If you want to walk in the immense galleries of Quartier 206, you can rent apartments in Berlin and enjoy one of the most luxurious shopping centres in the city.