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The Corner Berlin East

Berlin is one of the cities that presents the most fashion around Europe and you notice it by walking down its beautiful streets that are full of people who dress with the latest fashion trends and the world´s leading brands.


One of its shopping centres, called The Corner East Berlin, possesses a selection of today´s contemporary clothing. Among its shops, one can find brands like Alala, Balenciaga or Louboutin, that are part of the most important brands in the world today.


On the other hand, there are also a large amount of interior design shops where you can find furniture, lamps, carpets and different objects for your home. The cosmetics are another protagonist of The Corner because there are also a lot of brands in the shopping centre.


All of these places make that The Corner, despite not being the largest shopping centre in the city, is in the latest fashion and trends when it comes to clothes and design.


If you´re a lover of the latest trends that are presenting themselves around the world, this is the shopping centre that you have to visit in the German capital.


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