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Els Pescadors Restaurant Barcelona

Fish, for many people, is one of the greatest exquisite foods that you can find at a restaurant. If you´re among the people that think like that and that really enjoy eating these kinds of dishes, the best thing you can do is stop wasting time and visit Els Pescadors which, according to many critics, is among the best restaurants in Barcelona for eating fish.


Els Pescadors is located in the Poble Nou neighbourhood and, despite being a bit further from the city centre, it´s worth going there because the preparation of the fish that they do is unique. It´s one of the most famous restaurants in Barcelona for a reason.


The restaurant has an old-age design with a lot of wood, wines on the walls and it´s located in a beautiful square with many trees and green around it. It´s one of the oldest restaurants in the Spanish city with over 100 years experience. Without doubt, it´s lasted a long time due to its quality and the freshness of its products as well as being affordable.


If you want to eat the best fish in the city, you can rent apartments in Barcelona and enjoy Els Pescadors.