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Checkpoint Charlie

The control point Charlie (Checkpoint Charlie) was one of the many control positions distributed along the Berlin Wall. It was used to control the border passing between the East and West of Berlin during the Cold War.


The historical importance of this control point is that it used to be the passage to freedom for many East Germans. Today it´s a tourist attraction but it was the scenario of death and war from 1961, when the main conflicts began among the two regimes.


Checkpoint Charlie obtains its name from the NATO alphabet, where Alpha means the first control point, Bravo the second and Charlie the third.


Located where it used to be, at the union of the districts of Mitte and Kreuzberg, it´s currently a replica of the Checkpoint because the original one was totally destroyed when the wall came down in Berlin and Germany unified. In 2000 they inaugurated the replica that serves as a tourist attraction today.


You can also visit the Checkpoint Charlie Museum which is on Friedrichstraße, very close to the control point, where you´ll discover highly valuable historical material.


If you want to get to know this key point in universal history, rent apartments in Berlin and go out and see the city.