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Mauer Museum Berlin

´Welcome to the Mauer Museum in Berlin´. With this phrase the page of this location opens, a location that opened to the public not today or yesterday, when the wall was history, but in 1962, when this place was just full of barbed wire, guarded by armed soldiers. The original idea of Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt that´s located next to Check Point Charlie, one of the control points of the old Berlin that´s now reconstructed and protagonist of a Berlin blog entry, gathers all the news that the Wall has generated throughout its history.

The ups and downs of the Berlin Wall (deaths, desertions, breaks and the East Side Gallery in the open air, which is now a voiceless but not blind witness of what was one of the biggest infamies in Europe) is of everyone´s interest, and so it should be! So, once you´ve settled into your apartments in Berlin you have to go to the Mauer Museum by the Check Point Charlie guard house and, also, around the remains of the wall that are left in another point in the city which we give good account of in our Berlin blog.