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International Children’s Festival – Where Kids Rule

Around the world there are many children that don’t live in the same conditions as other kids. Some of them don’t have someone who cares about them, someone to tell them about rules like you can only eat candy on Saturdays or establish bedtimes. But when the festival where kids rule begins, there is going to be a change, at least for a week in the beginning of June.

children festival istanbul

International Children’s Festival is an event which is celebrated on various days in several places worldwide. The Festival starts on the 1st of June and ends on the 5th of June. It is not clear why they chose to have the festival on this date; maybe it has something to do with the Chinese generals in San Francisco who gathered a few Chinese orphans to celebrate the Dragon Boat festival in 1925, which coincidentally happened on 1st of June that year.

This festival is set to honour children and minors and is an opportunity for children around the world to share their cultures through language and art. It provides an opportunity for kids to be involved in art activities and presentations, and it is both educational and entertaining. You can have a chance to play a major role in the International Children’s Festival; you can be a volunteer! Make an impact in the community and explore what life is like in a world where kids rule.

Over 650 people around the community gather together to make this festival possible! You can help with things like paint faces, sell merchandise, assist artists, and much more.

Take an advantage of this amazing opportunity and make a difference in the life of a kid! Whether you are a volunteer or just travel around with your family, visit the magical festival in Turkey’s capital city, and make sure that you have a comfortable accommodation. Rent apartments in Istanbul and make a change for the children!