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What to Do with Kids? The Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

Vienna offers travelers a host of recreational activities, from concerts designed for the very young to the major attractions like the Prater with its famous Ferris wheel or trying a piece of Sachertorte, the popular Viennese chocolate cake. Without ignoring these possibilities, while in Vienna you should make sure to save time for the Children´s Museum in the Schönbrunn Palace.


It was once the summer residence of Maria Theresa of Habsburg, and then that of Sisi and Franz Joseph. Not only does it have the world´s oldest zoo and a tropical greenhouse where children can wander about but there are also exclusive activities for youngsters. Here’s the website where you can find all of the details: http://www.kaiserkinder.at

To give you a head start, we’ll give you an overview of the fun activities that theSchönbrunnPalaceorganizes for children:


  • With a special ticket that includes two adults and up to three children (or other possible combination), families can go with a very unique guide through the various palatial rooms. The tour’s peculiar companion is the ghost Poldi, who will guide the little ones through the rooms used by the imperial children, show them their clothing, and explain what life in the palace was like.
  • Curious visitors can join any of the workshops or activities scheduled during weekends and school holidays. Costumes, tableware, pastries, puppets, dances and concerts are among the topics covered by this program.
  • It’s also possible to celebrate a birthday here. To do so, you will need to make a reservation in advance, and the party has to be limited to 15 persons including adults. It’s just a matter of making sure there are less adults and lots of kids. There are two types of celebrations: One for children over 5 years old and for those who have already turned 7 years old. The younger ones dress up, walk around the ballroom, and enjoy a storyteller. Afterwards, everyone feels they have lived a bit like the nobles of the past as they enjoy cake and snacks.
  • Another possibility is the exhibition “Sissi in Corfu”, which takes place every Saturday at 2:30 pm and is aimed at primary school children. The Empress Elizabeth was a great voyager, one of the world´s most well-traveled women in her time. She visited just about every possible corner of the planet due to her insatiable curiosity. This exhibition shows children the areas that Sisi visited.
  • Outside and independent from the other activities is a maze and playground where children can relax and play at will.
  • Some of you may still wish to tour the other imperial palace in Vienna: Hofburg, the winter residence of the Austrian-Hungarian imperial family. There, children can see the dresses, bags, umbrellas and the royal apartments. Kids can also enjoy trying on some of the items and pretending to be princes of the past (since they already are in the present).