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City of London Festival

London is a city that shines in the summer as you can enjoy the great weather of the season, which is something not usual at all during the rest of the year. The gray clouds, cold breeze and rain are replaced by sun and warm weather, which live up the celebration of festivals in the city, while people take to the streets to enjoy.


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The City of London Festival is an arts festival held for four weeks between June and July, which host various musical events, film screenings, guided tours and talks. Music takes special prominence; many of the concerts include jazz, blues and opera. In addition, many of the performances are held in the hot spots of the city such as St Paul´s Cathedral; there are almost a hundred different sites to visit.

The festival has also been actively involved with schools in London, which contribute cultural and artistic performances that are exposed as part of the event’s agenda. Thus, the City of London Festival aims to build a mentality of community awareness in a city that has so many traditions and diversity.

Apart of music, at the festival you’ll also have the chance to enjoy film screenings, talks and even guided tours around the city.

The first festival was held in 1962, and has since then grown to become what it is today, while bringing together locals and visitors to celebrate culture and the arts. In addition, many of the restaurants in town also celebrate this festival and offer discounts and special menus for this unique occasion, which are always welcome in a city like London.

If you are traveling on budget and would like to enjoy the city without having to spend much, The City of London Festival is just perfect for you. To get the most out of the festival, at the festival´s official website you’ll be able to download the official program, which offers information of all the events day by day, venue to venue, including schedules and prices. You’ll pay around £ 10 for a ticket (about 12 €), which is actually not much for this kind of events.

If you love getting to know different cultures and arts, the City of London Festival is just perfect for you. The 2013 edition will be held from the 23rd of June to the 26th of July, so keep in mind these dates and get ready for your trip to London.

For more information, visit the festival´s official website where you can download the program: http://www.colf.org/


Spend your summer holidays in London apartments and enjoy this wonderful festival. Hundreds of different events, as well as various artistic activities for all tastes will fill the British capital this summer. You can’t miss it!