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Spielzeit´europa Berlin

Spielzeit´europa is one of those unmissable events which take place in the German capital during autumn. The dates of this classical dance and theatre festival vary from one year to another, although it usually takes place between the second week in October and the first one in November, so the fans have to be aware of the news that the organization publishes in advance.


Brigitte Fürler and Joachim Sartorius have organized, at the home of Berliner Feetspiele, this exquisite classical festival since 2002, with artists and producers from all over the world. As it´s recurrent in events in Berlin, the spirit which characterizes the festival (which is made to see in the programme) is very conditioned by the desire of unity, cosmopolitanism and understanding towards world views which are different from the European ones.


Remember that the season of events, exhibitions and festivals in the German capital, although it doesn´t stop all year long, gets stronger in autumn, so you should book some of the excellent apartments in Berlin in advance, because the city has more and more adepts all the time, which is not a surprise due to the quality and quantity of the cultural offering, in all fields, that it holds.