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Concerts in the church of San Vincenzo Venice

The sybarite traveller already knows that the photogenic City of the Canals is something more than just its postcard pictures. For centuries artists from all over the world have settled among the stones of this beautiful city to give their best creations to posteriority.

Today, like yesterday, without any patronage, simply with the advertising that the internet can bring, there are artists who are convinced that they can give it their best shot by being in Venice. And that´s what this group of musicians (violinists) thought after their international tour: giving chamber concerts in a unique place, the church of San Vincenzo, right in San Marco´s Square. So the demanding traveller, the one who leaves his apartments in Venice to soak in all the culture that´s impregnated in the temples and the palaces, already has another irresistible plan. You can buy the tickets online, on the webpage of this music group, where they give good account of the programme.

An enormous online agenda unfolds to inform you about the pieces they´re going to play during the season and, also, you can buy the different albums that have been released, in case you want to enjoy it once more when you get home.