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Gondolas Venice

Venice is inescapable international destination. The images of its palaces worn out by saltpeter, its canals, its calm lagoons and its typical gondoliers are stuck in everyone´s minds, even in the minds of those who have never been there in their life. Going to Venice and not going for a gondola ride is almost a crime against humanity. The gondoliers that we put forward here (´gondolieri is what they´re called in the warm Italian language) as well as offering the traditional tour services around the best of Venice, also have programmed tours and varied excursions. If you´re going with your partner, it might be a good choice to have a romantic dinner on a gondola while you look out to the evening lights of San Marco Square. If the group is of a larger number, you can also attend a firework display. Venice provides this and much more: love, fun, meeting beauty and even decadent nostalgia.


Our advice is simple: together with your flight tickets, your apartments in Venice and your taxi-vaporettos that do your transfer from or to the airport (we´ve put this service down in this very same guide), you also have to book your trip on a gondola so that your enjoyment in the City of the Canals is complete.