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Diagonal Mar

Barcelona has a big variety of interesting shopping centres and one of the latest which has been built goes by the name of Diagonal Mar, which is a giant shopping centre which has that name because it´s situated at the end of Avinguda Diagonal and very close to the sea.


It has a very modern design with an open roof that allows the visitor to enjoy the daylight sky and the stars at night. The shopping centre has no less than 250 shops that range from places where the customers can buy clothes to a cinema with various screens where you can enjoy the latest films, both national and international, and also playgrounds for the younger ones.


There´s nothing better than enjoying a day with the family, your couple or friends, in Diagonal Mar shopping centre where you can carry out different activities such as watch a film or sit down for a drink with views of the ocean. You can rent apartments in Barcelona and go to one of the newest shopping centres in the city.