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Glòries is another of the many shopping centres that you can visit in Barcelona. The place, which takes its name because it´s situated right in front of Plaça de les Glòries, is one of the biggest shopping centres in the city. The building started in 1992 when the Olympic Games took place in Spain but it didn´t open its doors until 1995.


The shopping centre possesses places to eat and enjoy the open air in each and every one of the spaces that join all three buildings. In the three floors that shape up the building there are over 180 shops that range from clothes shops to different services for the visitor.


In these recreation places you can eat in fast food places or much more specialized places such as local, Italian or French food, go to a film premiere in any of the 8 screens in the cinema or to the playground that has little cars, swings or elastic bands among other options that the younger ones will understand better.


Glòries is, without doubt, one of the places that you must visit in Barcelona if you want to go for a walk and not worry about anything else other than window shop or eat something. You can rent apartments in Barcelona and enjoy Glòries.