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Discover Andalusia by Car

Andalusia is one of the most beautiful areas in Spain, but to see all it would take many more days than we mere mortals usually have for vacation. That´s why dividing it up is a great idea, plus you’ll have an excuse to return and discover another part. The best way to discover Andalusia is by car, and there’s a starting point from which each day you can see the best of the region in just 60 minutes. That starting point is the city of Seville.


Photo: jtoledo

On your first day, you’ll head out from Sevilleto visit the province of Huelva, which is known for its coastline and fishing villages where you can sample the best Andalusian cuisine at extremely affordable prices. One of those villages is Isla Cristina, a fishing village known for its tapas bars and exquisite fish, especially the famous pescaíto frito (fried fish) which will delight any seafood fan. After eating your fill, it might be a good idea to take a walk around. An excellent place to do this is Ayamonte, a town on the border with Portugal and along the river Guadiana. Its sunny squares are the ideal spot to relax and enjoy a few beers. The village’s white houses make this town one of the most beautiful in the entire region.


After the gastronomic tour de Huelva, one should visit a place that is pleasing to the eye, and what place is more suited to that than the Doñana National Park. This park is located less than an hour from Seville and is a must-see when in Andalusia. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this park is a natural beauty, with lakes, marshes and dunes, which can be visited in a 4×4 along the sea. You won’t want to miss the flora and fauna, and especially the flamingos which you can view at certain times of the year. On your way back to Seville, another must-see is the small village of El Rocío, where a famous pilgrimage is celebrated. Don’t forget to visit the shrine, since this is a major pilgrimage site in southern Europe.


Finally, for the third and last day of your holiday in Seville and Andalusia, having already enjoyed delicious food, beautiful villages of white houses, unique natural sites and cultural traditions rooted in this region, it is time to head south to visit the oldest city in all of Western Europe: Cadiz. Cadiz was founded by the Phoenicians some 3000 years ago, and the historic walled part of the city has an atmosphere that makes history come alive. Its beaches are famous throughout the country, as are their seafood snack shops, while its cathedral and tower provide really stunning views. Also, if you visit Cadiz during Carnival (February) and Easter (April) you can enjoy some of the most significant events in Andalusia.


Actually, it is very difficult to discuss the best of Andalusia in so little space. One thing you should realize before traveling, though, it what a great variety can be found in this region, the largest in Spain. Cuisine, beauty, culture, tradition, history, nature … a trip to Andalusia offers something for everyone. And when Seville is your starting point, you’ll be able to reach everything in just a few minutes.


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