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If you like gourmet restaurants with really innovative and creative preparations, with a formality that you´ll only be able to attend dressed in the best way and with the best perfume, then the place you have to go to while in Lisbon is Eleven.


The food that´s presented in the extensive menu of the place has the best dishes in the world and its chefs are from around the world presenting, together, the most exquisite meals.


The price starts at 40 euros and, currently, it´s the most acclaimed restaurant of tall the new ones in Lisbon. It´s located in the most elevated part of the Parque Eduardo II and it possesses Mediterranean foods with a fleet of very good chefs led by Joachim Koerper. Koerper has two restaurants in Spain and they both have two Michelin stars, so that is a clear showing that the quality of the place will be splendid.


Eleven competed in 2011 to obtain its star in the Michelin guide (which is the most important and respected restaurant guide in the world) and didn´t win it in the end although many declared that it should have won the recognition.


For this reason if you want to visit Eleven, one of the most interesting restaurants in the city and directed by one of the most respected chefs, you can get Lisbon accommodation