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Exclusive Route through 3 Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Curiosity or vice? We could say, if we were to exaggerate a little, that Amsterdam’s coffeeshops are almost National Heritage sites. They’re definitely a tourist attraction. The city of canals is full of establishments where it’s very normal to smoke marijuana without having to conceal it from anyone. As is the case in other countries like Uruguay, consumption is legal throughout the country. The Dutch are very tolerant. They respect but also expect to be respected. They don’t judge and have no prejudices, so they don’t make it a problem as long as consumption takes place inside coffeeshops, and not on the street. Paradoxically, only weed or hash consumption is allowed in coffeeshops, no tobacco or alcohol are permitted.

Here are the 3 coffeeshops you can’t miss out on when you visit to Amsterdam:

Provoking the Police at the Bulldog in the Leidseplein

coffe shops amsterdam the bulldog

The Bulldog is one of the largest coffeeshop chains in the city, with five locations. The best part about their Leidseplein venue is that, paradoxically, it’s located in an old police station. The inside is decorated with items and weapons that belonged to criminals from an earlier time. It’s guaranteed to thrill: smoking a joint here is like provoking the police, though with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are not breaking the law. Take note of its coordinates: Leidseplein 17, Amsterdam.


Consuming in Style at Mellow Yellow Lounge

coffee shops amsterdam mellow yellow

Apart from legendary, this coffeeshop is elegant and cozy. Its main claim to fame is that it was the first coffeeshop to open shop in Amsterdam, and for that reason it has become a mandatory stop for tourists looking to get their kicks and have a good time. It opened its doors back in 1972, when a group of hippie friends squatted a bakery to turn it into a teashop where to smoke dried banana peel. Hence the name. Since then, Mellow Yellow is a point of reference in the city. One of the most surprising things for those who visit it for the first time  is its menu with dozens of varieties of weed, hash, pre-rolled joints, space cake, and even ice hash. In this case, just as in Vegas, it may be appropriate to say that “what happens in Mellow Yellow, stays in Mellow Yellow”. Vijzelgracht, 33.


Chilling Out in the Ocean of Dolphins

coffe shgops amsterdam the dolphins

If there’s a coffeeshop in which to truly chill out in Amsterdam, that would have to be Dolphins. It’s like going underwater and diving among dolphins in coral reef landscapes. You don’t need to be high to experience it; it’s simply the general atmosphere from the second you walk in. This is a place that emanates peace, tranquility, and good vibes, away from all daily worries and routine. There’s nothing quite like evading reality from time to time and enjoying the tranquility of places such as this. For those of you wanting to dive into the “sea” that is Dolphins, you just have to head over to Kerkstraat 38 and try any of its specialties. You’ll leave there recharged.