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Farafina Barcelona

Farafina is a shop with handmade African products for decoration, which is based on the principle of fair trade.


Inaugurated in 2005, today its headquarters is on 10bis Amargós Street, and it has a delicate selection of furniture and products which turn a simple simple into a unique place.


The warmth of the objects make Farafina an ideal space for those who like interior decoration with artisanal products of high quality and originality, where each object is the effort of the communities that try to find a worthy life alternative through fair trade and sustainable production.


Farafina is more than a commercial and cultural activity, it´s a new concept of social and business responsibility that looks to the future in a sustainable way and respecting human rights, just like the United Nations conceived them. Its project in phases, harmonises profit with the wellbeing of African communities.


The project in three parts has created a headquarters in Barcelona, a hotel-school in Bamako and a shelter for the formation of children and young ones in Siby, Mali.


If you´re in favour of a better world and rent apartments in Barcelona don´t miss out on going for a beautiful item at Farafina, it can be used as a quality decoration supplement for you and you´ll be helping those who are in need.