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Gianfranco Ferrè

Milan could be labelled as the world capital of fashion. Thousands of designers lived there, walked its streets and inspired with the history of the city. Gianfranco Ferrè is one of them and one of the most famous in Italy.


Although he wasn´t born in Milan but in Legnano instead, he died in the great Italian city in 2007, the city that made him into a fashion designer.


Born in 1944, Gianfranco Ferrè graduated in architecture but, subsequently he realised that he was really passionate about fashion and design, so he created his own brand which is famous around the world today.


So famous that in 2005, Julia Roberts was the image of one of his advertising campaigns.


Today, this brand is still setting the trend and its name is at the same level as Valentino, Giorgio Armani or any other colleague of Gianfranco Ferrè.


The style of the brand took care of the young and successful women, creating the best garments for them but, also, shoes, accessories and bags.


If you want to buy an exclusive piece from Gianfranco Ferrè, rent apartments in Milan and visit its store in Via Pontaccio.