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Versace is a brand that was born in Italy but that it´s known around the world today, and has a very goo reputation; there isn´t a famous person that doesn´t want to wear one of the unique clothes of this brand.


The creator of the Versace empire was Gianni Versace, who started to design and produce clothes at 25 years of age in the city of Milan, the world´s fashion capital. But, suddently, Gianni was murdered by a serial killer and his family took over the company that was already a success at that time, in 1997, when the designer died.


Like that, his family´s life changed forever. For example, the niece of Gianni inherited 500 million dollars, his sister Donatella is now in charge of the design department and his brother Santo Versace is now the manager of the big company.


The Versace brand survived and it´s currently one of the most sought after and in demand companies in the world.


If you´re in the city and you want to go and see one of its famous shops, rent apartments in Milan grab the map, put some nice clothes on and go out and see the city and its shops.