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Gran Vía 2

Gran Vía 2 is the shopping centre closest to Barcelona airport and for that reason one of the busiest with tourists from around the world. It´s 10 to 15 minutes from the airport and to get there it´s very easy because you can use either the metro, bus or taxi.


It is in a really amazing set-up with more than 200 shops with Spanish and international brands. There you can find men´s, women´s and children´s clothes shops, sports shops, beauty shops, accessories, regional food from all over the world and more. In Gran Vía 2 there are 20 restaurants, 15 cinema screens and a big Carrefour supermarket where you will find everything that you need, as well as other services that are focussed on the people who visit the place so that they have an enjoyable time.


The shopping centre also offers visitors the free use of places which are assisted by professionals so that the younger children can play so that the older ones can go and shop, walk o have a drink without having to worry.


Without doubt one of the places that you have to visit in the city. For this reason the best thing you can do is rent apartments in Barcelona