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Golden Temple

Today, the culinary customs have changed a lot respecting the old ones and people join the eco-friendly movements more and more all the time, so their alimentation is modified. Golden Temple is a vegetarian restaurant in the city of Amsterdam that demonstrates the compromise of the new ideas and how they can be carried out.


That´s why Golden Temple doesn´t use any type of meat, not beef, not pork, not fish and not even eggs. All of its recipes are prepared with a lot of love with vegetables and cereals, frijoles and grains among others. What they do use are dairy products, although they have a special menu for those who don´t want to consume dairy products.


The idea of the chefs and owners of the restaurant is to achieve a body and soul harmony that´s achieved through yoga and a good vegetarian nutrition. That´s why, in the kitchen of this restaurant there´s conscious people working with this idea and they dedicated themselves to make the best world of the people that visit the place.


If you´re in the city and want to try something different, rent apartments in Amsterdam and go to Golden Temple, which you´ll enjoy for sure.