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Gracia’s Squares in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a lot of contrasts, special places to visit and promenades you can visit during your stay in the Catalan capital. Without any doubt, the great attraction of Barcelona is its clear sky and brightness, able to charm any traveler during the most of the year. Also, Barcelona has a lively nightlife, for you to visit several bars, discos and clubs until the break of dawn. Much of the influx of tourists in Barcelona, come searching fun, drinks, dance and romance.

gracia squares barcelona


However, Barcelona is a little more than a city of excess and celebration. Spain is usually stigmatized as the place where nothing ends until the last bar closes; perhaps the old Hemingway influenced somewhat in this wrong perspective. Barcelona is not necessarily Spain in many ways, and the usual conflict and distance of Catalunya to the rest of the country, is usually present. Catalan culture is difficult to describe without experiencing it or having lived for some time in it. One of the most Catalan sides of Barcelona is surely Gracia.

Gracia is a neighborhood that looks like a small town, which is what it makes it really cozy and pleasant to live and hang out. Its streets are usually full of young people, mostly “hipsters” or “modern” wearing their best clothes taken from the American Apparel and some other clothing store that makes them feel like they´re in Williamsburg.

A walk around Gracia will lead you to its different squares, among which we can find; la Virreina Square, where you´ll find several cafes, restaurants and an ice cream shop to get dessert. This square is a meeting point for many young people who do not hesitate to have a beer outdoors, while singing songs with a guitar in hand, or simply gather to get the night started. Similarly, the Diamant Square, which was the inspiration for the novel of the same name by writer Merce Rodoreda, will show you the bohemian life of gracia while having some tapas and beer in a lively atmosphere.

Among others are also: the Revolution Square, Rovira I Trias Square, Raspall Square, Ruis I Taulet Square, Poble Romani Square and the newest one the John Lennon Square. As in the other places mentioned above, the nightlife is spirited and full of youth, during the day; these places gather families who enjoy walks, as well as children and teenagers playing freely. Barcelona despite the crisis remains as an attractive and relatively comfortable if you are looking for entertainment, fun, and a dynamic that allows you to freely explore all the popular neighborhoods.