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Greetje Restaurant Amsterdam

Eating in Amsterdam, with the large quantity of diverse restaurants, is a tough challenge. Choosing can go wrong and we´ll end up eating a dish that says nothing to us. But if you want to visit a place with true delicacies that´s in charge of offering traditional food, you must go to Greetje.


The place opened its doors in 2005 in one of the most beautiful and old districts of Amsterdam. But as well as having delicious food, the place where it´s located is also beautiful. It´s in a monumental building on Paperstraat 23, with a fabulous view to the Montelbaanse Tower.


Greetje presents a decoration that the old restaurants had, but with a very beautiful atmosphere which is relaxed and friendly. The chefs in Greetje use organic seasonal ingredients to prepare the freshest dishes but, also, to respect the environment. None of the ingredients used have additives.


All those who want to visit Greetje, a splendid place that in very few years became one of the most respected restaurants in the city, all they have to do is rent apartments in Amsterdam that, also, is a beautiful city full of attractions that you´ll be able to enjoy with family, friends or with your partner.