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Steakhouse Piet de Leeuw

Steakhouse Piet de Leeuw is a famous restaurant in the city of Amsterdam that offers its clients the best options in meat and that´s famous around the world for the quality of its 21 oz steak.

Located in the centre of the city, this restaurant was one of the first founded in Amsterdam with the café-style. In 1949 it opened its doors for the first time and, since then, it became a symbol of the Dutch city.


The customer service is truly excellent and the atmosphere of the place is too. Each client can feel comfortable being in such a wide and luminous place, ideal to eat with the family, friends or partner.


What tourists like the most about this restaurant is that it maintains the essence of the old Amsterdam. All the furniture are well kept and restored, the lamps, decorations… everything is well kept so that the place is just like what it used to be when it opened its doors over half a century ago.


If you want to get to know the city, rent apartments in Amsterdam and then feel relaxed going out to see all the monuments and museums in the area, but don´t forget to try the delicious Dutch dishes, and visit Steakhouse Piet de Leeuw.