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Vadrósza Étterem Restaurant Budapest

Budapest is full of all types of restaurants. Some are fast food and some are more relaxed where you can go and have a nice time with friends to the rhythm of the music that will accompany you during your evening and, others, much more elegant, with a baroque decoration and with gardens that can be enjoyed in the summer when the weather is kind.


This is the case of Vadrósza Étterem, which is located in Rose Hill and it has conditioned lounges decorated with many luxuries that will allow the clients to fully enjoy the different dishes made by the chef.


The owner of the place, Margó Vetter, has fulfilled all the clients´ expectations for more than 38 years and, in all of this time, the restaurant has managed to become really popular in its field and it has also become one of the most respected ones that are still open.


The menu has different fish, meat and specialities that are prepared daily by the chef Dániel Horváth and his team of expert chefs. And, if all of this wasn´t enough, there´s also a very long and exceptional wine list to accompany all of these preparations.


If you want to visit Vadrósza Étterem you just have to rent apartments in Budapest